Snapdragon Translations


From contemporary dance to fire-retardant chipboard, VAT returns to designer lighting, historically informed performance practice to the health benefits of watercress: part of the pleasure of my work is in the wildly eclectic mix of texts that turn up in my mailbox.

However there are some types of text I have gained particular experience in over the years, or just really enjoy translating:

Translations for the cultural sector


  • Event programmes, brochures, websites, artists’ biographies;
  • Texts for catalogues and exhibitions;
  • Subsidy applications;
  • Screenplays (English translations of Dutch screenplays are sometimes needed behind the scenes for financing and when submitting the film to festivals: my translations of screenplays have included Koning van Katoren, The Domino Effect and Meisjes);
  • Academic texts in the arts, including the book Composing under the Skin (Leuven University Press, 2014)

Business translations


  • Communication and promotion (brochures, websites, catalogues, press releases, event announcements, blog posts, newsletters)
  • Financial (annual reports, advice and consultancy; specialised in European VAT)
  • Administrative and legal (minutes and correspondence, general conditions of sale, contracts)
  • Product information, health and safety information, user manuals


Green and ethical business


I take pride in making my translations reflect the spirit and intention of the original text. But that doesn’t mean translation is a completely passive job that gives me no choice in what I write, whether I love it or hate it. For this reason, I offer special prices to organisations with a strong ecological or human rights profile.


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