about me

Helen White

Helen White is a multimedia and visual poet who works with text, visual and tactile elements, sound and performance. She lives in Ghent, Belgium. Her visual poetry has been commissioned by the Text Festival (Manchester, UK) and the Poëziecentrum in Ghent, and she has recently given performances and/or exhibited work at the Antwerp Book Fair, Stichting Perdu (Amsterdam) and Signal Center för Samtidskonst in Malmö, Sweden. Recently, her work has appeared in the anthologies Zieteratuur (Passage, 2010), Last Vispo (Fantagraphics, 2012), and Vorm & Visie (Poëziecentrum, 2014).Her chapbook fist house was published by Dancing Girl Press (Chicago) in October 2014.


She co-founded the Krikri polypoetry collective, which organised festivals, exhibitions, workshops and other events with the emphasis on experimental, cross-genre and lesser-known forms of poetry and language arts from 2001 until 2011. This included infusoria, an exhibition of visual poetry by women, which she curated in 2009. Since then, she has been a member of Juxtavoices Antichoir (UK), contributed to the multimedia CD/book project Local Colour: Ghosts, variations, ed. Ola Ståhl (In Edit Mode, Malmö, 2012) and interacted with a full-length performance of Eric Satie’s Vexations at QuARTier A in Aalst. She is currently working with poet/artist Lies Van Gasse and collagist Luc Fierens on a series of collaborative visual pieces on the theme of the human body and with Dutch harpist Andrea Voets on a music/theatre production about Oscar Wilde.


Her alter ego shares this website.