vexations (2014)



Performance for the 50 Years of Minimalism exhibition at QuARTier A in Aalst, 6 September 2014.


Tom Deneckere performed Satie's Vexations in full over about 18 hours, with various performances in the same space throughout the day.


I don't associate the piece so much with visual minimalism as with suffocating Victorian drawing rooms; women in corsets and bustles; handicrafts and hysteria. Hence all the knitting and obsessive anagrams.


Photos by Karlien Deman and Sebastian Bradt


a light lace

vixen-toothed toxin


as vixen to

oxen i whale

through straitened days


vast oxen i

drive through laced

hourglass eye


native ox s in

whalebone stayed

blood slows, knots


so tax vein

subcutaneous lace

of knotted toxins

vain sex to


vex blood into stitching


ova is next

a slip from whale

to poisoned hours


vase toxin

my poisoned hourglass

my whaleboned poise


as to vixen

she slips through hot lace

of afternoon stays



a heavy knot

an afternoon poison