Born to be Wilde (2015)

Born to be Wilde


Harp and concept: Andrea Voets

Images & performance: Helen White

Large photo: Philip Van Ooteghem

Photo of performance: Anna A. Ros


The life of Oscar Wilde is perhaps even more intriguing than his remarkable art. Not only does the Irish writer’s wit capture our imaginations almost a century after his death, his life can be seen as a mirror of themes present in our own: of success, rejection and isolation, of the struggle to be who we really are.

With a 47-stringed harp, word art and soundscapes, Andrea Voets and Helen White bring Oscar’s famous words back to life for a twenty-first century audience, allowing the master of the elegant 'bon mot' and pithy epigram to sparkle once more.


Including works by Britten, Albeniz, Debussy, Glinka, Piazzolla, van Esser and Stromae.


This programme was supported by the Dutch music fund 'Stringendo'.