Anchorites (2012)



catch her throat in a stone window

catch sanctuary in silence in stone

tongue damp silence in stone lips a stone window

stones in the throat in the hollow of bones


tongue requiem

is effort is throat in stone hollow

tongue effort in dust throat

to stem the silence and so the stone

catch requiem in a stone window

and thrum the bees in her throat


anchor the island

anchor the island

hum sanctuary in bone honey

hum the honey that flows from bones

anchor the honey and so the lips

honey the night from the silence below


stone sanctuary

knit the bones to sew the lips

and so to silence to needle the lips

to have nothing to sew the lost

to hum the bees of bones to silence

to nothing that outward hums the honey

of bones that bear the glittering load

to knit the night that crushes that anchors the land from below

stone sanctuary in throat in bone


stone requiem; bone window


throw dust in her throat


Anchorite performance at the Po√ęziecentrum


At the Vorm & Visie book launch, 27th September 2014



I feel you should never miss a chance to tie up poets more eminent than yourself.

Photos by Lieve Ramon