dream/house (2016)

dream / house


ritual performance for the first day of spring

for oak tree, nesting birds, dream diary, old crime novel and human


1. Assemble strips of text from dream diary and crime novel with bits of straw in an old coconut shell to provide nesting materials for garden birds and hang it in the oak tree

2. Collect legible words and phrases from among nesting materials and write them on oak leaves

3. Release dreams to birds, leaves to the wind


(Two pigeons fighting or courting in the apple tree – if the poem is ravaged by tomorrow morning I’ll know who to suspect. No one will come foraging while I’m out here taking photos, but I’ve seen blackbirds, a Flemish jay, magpies, tits and finches from indoors. The heron just flew over but I can’t see him crashing his way through the tree.


Patient dog sunning herself and waiting for me to stop doing stupid human things. Impatient cat launches herself at the oak tree, scrabbles up a couple of metres, reconsiders and leaves me to it.


The leaves are impatient to start playing. One keeps escaping so I choose that one for ‘will she be released?’.)